David Cameron on holiday in Cornwall

David Cameron on holiday in Cornwall

I will never get over the fucking disgusting poster campaign that was going on in London, this just seemed appropriate.

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Earthworm Nigel

Earthworm Nigel

“I won’t expel members who call me or my party ‘disgusting'” said Nigel Farage, multi-eyed party leader of UKIP. “That is an intelligent view that you would hear everywhere up and down the length and breadth of the country.

“If you are suggesting that we should become so politically correct that we should kick out anyone who holds a slightly intelligent view, frankly that would be the death of debate in politics in Britain and nobody with an IQ over room temperature would be in our party anyway.”

(quote and picture slightly changed)

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Way back then..

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Stolen from Tiny while creeping on her old blog entries

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After having had a drunk emotional call with the fuckling yesterday night at 3am I spent most of today doing fuck all, I still suck at Solitaire (badly) but keep trying, a gang of three squirrels at the back of the garden are either cleaning each other, fighting or mating (not an expert on squirrel behaviour) while they also bully the pidgeons. Video attached is the soundtrack while I sit on the window board and it is that nice temperature just under 20 degrees. Tomorrow holds dealing with bureaucracy and playing the piano again, I will start my new job on Tuesday and am financially fairly sorted. I love my boyfriend. Life is good.

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Best of luck to you

This man is a hero, and he will go down in history, or so I hope.




Ahmadinejad, you misogynist, homophobic, medieval-minded, war-mongering asshole,

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