“No.”(Rosa Parks)


(Rosa Parks)

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What in the name of fuck..


I am by no means one of those idiots advocating the death sentence for paedophiles – however this is an outrage.

This man sees no issue in what he has done and, more importantly, compares himself to Oscar Wilde – Oscar Wilde, who was in a relationship with another adult. He clearly has no awareness of the damage he has done and does by refusing to apologize and of the damage done by this sentence, the lack of punishment for what he has done and the lack of repentence he is showing. Sexual contact with a child is rape as a child is unable to give informed consent, let alone being physically and mentally ready for sexual contacts – this is something that Ovenden sees himself above, which I am personally incredibly disgusted by.

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Afterparty etiquette

If you are in a round in a bar and you insist on everybody coming back to your place AND THEN (!!!) get touchy about people drinking your booze (at your place, at your afterparty) you fucking need to double-check your afterparty-etiquette.
Not exactly rocket science gurl.

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Today’s two picks in “What is your actual fucking problem humanity?”


Ranches in South Africa breed lions to be shot by wealthy tourists.

What the fuck is it that people feel the need to cowardly shoot a beautiful creature that is facing extinction? Are they all so fucking smallminded and need to cover up their insecurities by killing something bigger than them? Have they never seen how animals suffer? What I find even more sickening are those photos of somebody standing and grinning over the dead body of an animal like they had done something special. If they had killed the lion barehandedly or something I still wouldn’t appreciate it but I could see how that’s something to be proud of, but those fucking little scumbags have shot a beautiful creature within a fenced area from quite some distance – big fucking deal, maybe somebody should shoot them and then stand grinningly over their dead bodies (which is not what I am calling for)  Or, the markets in Asia using body parts of those lions for “medicine”? I’m lost for words once again.


A trans*woman who has been accepted within the Royal Air Force but has been put through the media bullshit once again, just like the primary school teacher who ended up taking her own life after being bullied for being trans*.

Ayla Holdom is brave to write this article, and, being trans* myself (while not being trans*ident) I know what she is talking about when she refers to ” the trepidation I often have simply walking to the corner shop […]” I can mostly pass as cisgender if I want to (and that some days the way I feel like dressing will indeed make me look like cisgender male) – the thing is just that I am done pretending. I am done bending myself to fit into other people’s dumb schemes as to what human beings have to behave or look like or who they have to love simply based on their genitalia. Homophobia is becoming more and more socially unacceptable and I genuinely hope that we’re headed the same way for trans*phobia. Until then – support your LGBTQ friends, let them know they’re not alone, or if you’re LGBTQ yourself, be rest-assured you’re not. Your struggle is your individual story but there are people out there who have gone through similar bullshit. And after the hate speech article by Julie Burchill I will be happy to write angry emails and continue to do so if an article as disgusting and stupid as Burchill’s pops up. There’s free speech and then there is hate speech – the difference should be abundantly clear to anybody who makes the effort to take a step back, look at medical and psychological evidence and think about it.

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Drunkblogging but..

I will never say I missed out on an afterparty when instead I half-carried my friend who had obviously been spiked (he actually does not do drugs because he’s really afraid of them and his pupils were half the size of Scotland) and let him crash at mine because he is living with his parents and they would have made problems.

I sometimes worry about the definition of “friendship” that some people have – if I can help you out, I will.

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A Sticky Situation For The Workfare Exploiters

Unpaid forced work is what? –

the void

workfare-stick-upThis pic has been going viral on facebook,  Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

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